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  • New Patient

    First time in our office? Start here!
    • New client consultation $220
      For new patients: Extended visit (90-120 min) to go over entire health history, physical exam, in-office diagnostic testing, and review medical records. 

  • Established Patient

    Already a patient of Dr. Goldberg's?  Choose one of these...
    • Established Client Comprehensive Visit $125
      Comprehensive visits include any combination of treatments or consultation deemed necessary for the individual client: nutrition counseling, supplement overview, diagnostic testing analysis, acupressure, deep tissue laser, in-office testing, etc. 
  • Phone consultation (New or existing client)
    Recommended for patients to discuss testing/treatment options/results and nutrition plans.
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
    State of the art laser therapy to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions.
  • Diagnostic Testing Review $145
    Longer appointment to review test results and generate a comprehensive treatment plan.